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We built Toggl Hire to scratch our own itch

And the results have been amazing

"With Hire I'm inviting better qualified people for interviews. Our hiring managers are very pleased with this."

Evelin Andrespok
HR Manager

"Back in 2013 recruitment was our problem No. 1, now it’s problem No. 20.”

Krister Haav

"I can automatically select the top 10% of candidates and move on in the hiring process with them."

Mart Virkus

"Over the past year, I almost single handedly hired six great developers worldwide with very little effort."

Paul Scharf
Mobile Lead

"I save tons of time that would usually be wasted on unqualified applicants."

Kadri Heinväli
Support Lead

"Thanks to an engaging process, our team has been joined by people who where not looking for a new job."

Andrin Riiet
Product Lead

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