Case Study

How Teamweek Mastered Remote Hiring with Toggl Hire

Teamweek, a team calendar for creative agencies, is a fully remote company with employees spread out in different time zones. They have been using test-based hiring from the beginning, which helped them in creating sourcing and hiring strategies that currently bring them 500 applications on average for every new position opened in their diverse team. 

This is a story of how Teamweek solved their biggest hiring challenges: hiring remotely, getting lots of applicants that need to be screen quickly and hiring based on skills instead of resumes. 


First of all, the thing about resumes is that they can be untruthful, deceiving, and they are all about selling yourself.
Serge, CEO @ Teamweek

Teamweek is a fully remote company that helps creative teams organize their projects without a project manager. As a daughter company of Toggl, Teamweek was able to pick up the knowledge to create the most efficient and productive remote culture possible.

One of the most important aspects of remote work is hiring, and finding the best possible fit for a fast-growing company is imperative. That’s why Teamweek has relied on test-based hiring ever since their first hire and 14 of their employees have been hired with skill tests.

Let’s see how they did it.

#1 challenge: Attracting quality applicants as a remote company

In the beginning, Teamweek faced one usual pain point for small companies – attracting high-quality people. Taking up a job at a startup is always a gamble, and very talented and skilled people often decide to go for bigger companies, with an established brand and reputation. 

It was crucial to get to talented and experienced people when hiring. However, getting 10 applicants on average for new roles wasn’t enough to find that perfect fit a growing company needs. It became clear that Teamweek needed a higher number of applicants.

#1 Solution: Quantity is a prerequisite for quality.

Focusing on creative solutions resulted in a unique sourcing strategy Teamweek employs today. For every new open role, they receive exponentially more applicants, with a current rate of 300 applications on the first day for their position of the Team Building manager!

Teamweek’s top-notch sourcing strategy starts with Toggl Hire’s customized skill test, which works a lot better than resumes. “First of all, the thing about resumes is that they can be untruthful, deceiving, and they are all about selling yourself.” says Serge, “Skill-testing puts people in the same starting position, and gives them the opportunity to apply and really go in and show their skills. Additionally, it’s obvious people are more attracted to testing their skills, instead of customizing their resumes and writing long cover letters.

Teamweek builds its own tests. Since they have used test-based hiring from the start, they are already experts in creating the right set of questions. “Setting up the test is easy. The hardest part is actually coming up with questions and skills you want to test. After you have that, everything is pretty straightforward.” continues Serge. 

The simple design of Toggl Hire enables Teamweek to be creative with their sourcing channels:

  • After creating the test, the job opening is plugged in the header of Teamweek’s home page. This ensures that every visitor and Teamweek user is aware of the newly open positions. 
  • Posting the job ad on remote job boards goes a long way in reaching remote candidates. “We often have non-developer roles, which are still rare in remote companies, so they attract a lot of candidates.” continues Serge.
  • Finally, jobs are promoted with Facebook ads.

For every successful test taker, Teamweek plants one tree with a non-profit organization called Tree-Nation. ”This way, we are more likely to get like-minded hires who care about the environment.” continues Serge. See the trees planted:

Following these ideas in their sourcing strategy turned out to be a winning combination. Teamweek’s open roles are a hit at every remote job board, while the number of applicants for every new opening is measured in hundreds, and it’s getting higher with every new role.

It’s obvious people are more attracted to testing their skills, instead of customizing their resumes and writing long cover letters.”

#2 Challenge: Screening a high number of applications

Creative sourcing strategy, Toggl Hire skill-testing, and the fact that Teamweek is a fully remote company resulted in a large number of applicants for every new position.

The sheer amount of applications would be impossible to screen without a badass HR department if we were to go through the traditional route and hire with resumes. We are currently hiring a Team Building Manager, and the first day we got 300 candidates. Imagine going through all of them manually.” laughs Serge.

Besides quicker screening, it was necessary to cut down the hiring process and become more efficient altogether.

#2 solution: A clear overview of the results with Toggl Hire testing

Toggl Hire tests allow Teamweek to quickly get a selection of the best candidates with a clear overview of their skills and knowledge, something that would be impossible to have with resume applications. With Toggl Hire, results are comparable and choosing potential candidates from the pre-selected top test-takers makes the hiring process significantly shorter. And with Teamweek’s experience, customized tests ensure testing the right skills and getting the right information about the candidates.

But what turned out to an unexpected benefit were shorter and more efficient interviews. As Toggl Hire skill test determines the real quality of a candidate’s work, the time at the interview is used to better know the person and learn about their thought process.

 “We’ve already seen how the candidate solves a problem, so the interview doesn’t start with basic stuff.” says Serge, “They know how to code or set up a PPC campaign, and they are good at it. So you’re free to focus on what extra they bring to the table and if they are the right fit for the team.”

 The results: Teamweek is killing it in the remote hiring game!

  • Attracting the best talent. Teamweek used to get around 10 applicants on average, and now they receive several hundreds of applications for every new job opening. Their last open role for Team Building Manager got more than 1,000 applications in the first week, with 300 applications on the first day!

Slightly lower, but still great results are still coming in for their Growth Hacker position:

  • The success rate on their tests is around 10%. Due to their experience with test-based hiring, Teamweek is already an expert in creating specific tests that measure the exact skills needed for the job, and with their great sourcing strategy, even a 10% success rate gives them a significant talent pool to choose the best candidates for their team.
  • Screening time is cut down a hundredfold compared to manually screening resumes and tenfold compared to previous versions of skills tests used by Teamweek. 
  • All employees hired with test-based hiring, with the last 5 applying for their position with a Toggl Hire test. Teamweek is a completely resume-free company!
  • Teamweek is fully remote, with its team members spread out over multiple time zones, all working together to successfully bring the best organizational solutions to creative teams. 

Working remotely may have its fair share of issues, but for Teamweek, hiring is definitely not one of them.

Skill-testing puts people in the same starting position, and gives them the opportunity to apply and really go in and show their skills.